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We want to be called more delicious than delicious! Oil Soba Noodles that are better than specialty restaurants!

In search of truly delicious aburasoba, we have eaten and researched at many different restaurants, and have finally succeeded in creating a delicious aburasoba that is no less popular than tsukemen (dipping noodles). The soy sauce sauce, the sauce condensed from the thick soup, and the mixed oil are all homemade. The noodles are also made to order exclusively for Aburasoba.


Yasai Aburasoba 野菜油そば 750円
Lots of vegetables in the Aburasoba.

chashu Aburasoba チャーシュー油そば 880円
Lots of chashu pork in the Aburasoba.

Mega-chicken Aburasoba メガチキン油そば 880円
The Aburasoba contains a very large piece of deep-fried breast meat.

Approximate amount of noodles


Medium 300g
Large 450g
Extra-large 600g


Medium 300g
Large 400g


Medium 150g
Large 225g
Extra-large 300g

  • A large serving is 120 yen more, and a extra large serving is 240 yen more.
  • The amount of noodles is before boiling. After boiling, it will be about 1.5 times larger.
  • Customers who would like to order tsukemen or ramen with less noodles (200g), please ask for it when ordering.

A delicious way to eat abura soba

If you want to fully savor the taste of abura soba, you must try this way of eating it! Here is Kobushi’s recommendation for the most delicious and satisfying way to eat aburasoba.

1.Order as you like

Please order your favorite “Aburasoba” from the menu. You may order the one with toppings included from the beginning. You can also add your favorite toppings to your order.

2.Pour vinegar over it.

First, pour vinegar over the rice. The best way to do this is about 1.5 rounds for a standard serving, and about 2 rounds for a large serving. Sprinkle it in a circular motion along the noodles. It will not work as well as you think because it is entangled in the oil, so do not be afraid to pour it in thoroughly.

3.Pour some raayu on top.

Next to the vinegar, the raayu is poured on. The guideline for the raayu is about 1 round for a regular serving and 1.5 rounds for a large serving. As with the vinegar, turn it along the noodles. Adjust according to your taste as you eat to find the perfect amount.

Aburasoba loses its flavor as it cools. Please serve hot with vinegar and raayu (Chinese red chili oil) poured on top. If you add vinegar and raayu in the middle of the dish, the oil and flavor will not be combined, so it is recommended to pour it on first, before mixing.

4.mix thoroughly!

The table is lined with complimentary condiments as well as vinegar and raayu. Add the knotted powder, chili pepper, black pepper, and other seasonings to taste, and mix the noodles all at once. Mix thoroughly to avoid uneven flavors.

5.Find your own taste

After mixing, check the bottom of the bowl and if there is no sauce or oil remaining, it is OK; the mixture is well mixed and tastes great. Adjust the seasoning to taste as desired.

Unlike any other, it is even more delicious with mayonnaise!

Everyone has their own taste preferences! Let’s pursue “my” and “myself” oil soba to the fullest!

What is Aburasoba?

Aburasoba” is a “ramen” without soup, which is the ultimate “noodle-eating” noodle. The word “aburosoba” is often thought of as a very high-calorie product because of the “oil” in its name.

In fact, the calorie content of “aburasoba” is approximately half that of ramen noodles, and it is low in salt.

Furthermore, the blended oil, which is high in linoleic acid and oleic acid, is not easily absorbed by the body and is very healthy! That is why it is recommended for women.

Here is the instruction manual for oil soba available at the store >>

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