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The spicy and numbing stimulation is sure to be addictive!

The homemade spicy miso sauce is not only spicy, but also has a deep, rich, and addictive flavor that spreads throughout the mouth after the spiciness.

Click here to see a video comparing the soups on the menu offered by Kobushi.If you are not sure which one to choose, please take a look.

Umakara tsukemen 950($5.99)
Yasai umakara tsukemen 1,000($6.30)

Approximate amount of noodles


Medium 300g
Large 450g
Extra-large 600g


Medium 300g
Large 400g


Medium 150g
Large 225g
Extra-large 300g

  • A large serving is 120 yen more, and a extra large serving is 240 yen more.
  • The amount of noodles is before boiling. After boiling, it will be about 1.5 times larger.
  • Customers who would like to order tsukemen or ramen with less noodles (200g), please ask for it when ordering.

This is how to eat Kobushi’s deliciously spicy tsukemen!

0. await the arrival of
While you wait, simulate it with this instruction manual.
Paper aprons are available, so please feel free to ask the waiter for one if you want to keep your clothes safe or if you want to sip vigorously while splashing the juice.

1. Noodles into soup.
If the spicy soup is unexpectedly hot, please try your best with water in hand. (We also have a low spiciness version).
Dip the smooth, chewy noodles in the soup and enjoy.

2. Taste it with the ingredients.
Please taste the various ingredients together with the noodles and enjoy the diversity of tastes.
It is also important to worry about whether to eat the most favorite ingredient first or last.

3. Taste it with soup.
After finishing the noodles, please enjoy the soup divided with soup for splitting.
Please feel free to use the pot on the table or ask the waiter.

4. Add rice and taste.
If you want a little more, add rice for 120 yen and enjoy the flavorful porridge.
If the soup is too thick, use broth for dipping.

How was it? Did you enjoy it?
This is just an example, and we are sure that there are ten different ways for ten different customers to enjoy the tour. We hope you will find your own way to enjoy your stay.

Click here for the Tsukemen instruction book available at the store. >>

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