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The taste of the origin, filled with the flavor of seafood and the richness of animal products in a simple way.

The seafood-pork bone W soup, made with an awareness of the balance between seafood and pork bone, is a bowl of gentle flavor with a depth and richness that can be savored slowly afterward. The custom-made medium-thin, straight noodles go well with the soup and are well mixed with the noodles, lifting the soup firmly.


Yasai Ramen
There are a lot of vegetables in the ramen.

Ajitama Ramen
Seasoned egg in ramen noodles.

Mega-chicken Ramen
The ramen contains a very large piece of deep-fried breast meat.

Tokusei Ramen
The ramen contains a seasoned egg and three pieces of chashu pork.

Approximate amount of noodles


Medium 300g
Large 450g
Extra-large 600g


Medium 300g
Large 400g


Medium 150g
Large 225g
Extra-large 300g

  • A large serving is 120 yen more, and a extra large serving is 240 yen more.
  • The amount of noodles is before boiling. After boiling, it will be about 1.5 times larger.
  • Customers who would like to order tsukemen or ramen with less noodles (200g), please ask for it when ordering.

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